Our wine

More then 400 different wines

Wine at Nymindegab Kro

At Nymindegab Kro, you get exclusive access to more than 400 different wines coming from all over the world - one of the largest wine lists in Western Jutland. And don’t worry: We have made it easy for you as guest to figure out our prices.

Our transparent pricing philosophy

We add 220 kr. to the original sale price of the wine regardless of your choice of wine. Allow us to exemplify:

If you buy a bottle of wine for 50 kr. in a store, the price in our restaurant will be 270 kr. If you buy a 2000 kr. wine in the store, our price will be 2220 kr. The 220 kroner covers our expenses from serving the wine in a special Riedel wine glass and telling about the history and background of the wine.

The better the wine, the more value you get.

Where do we buy our wine?

We primarily get our wine from Danish wine importers. In order to serve the best wine possible, we test and try out multiple distributors. Some of our partners are:

  • H.J. Hansen
  • Kjær og Sommerfeld
  • Vinens Verden
  • Østjysk Vinforsyning
  • Laudrup Vin

We continuously re-evaluate our wine selection on advice from some of Denmark’s biggest wine enthusiasts. 

Do we enjoy French wine more than other wines?

No, not at all. We love wines from all over the world, thus we present a large selection of wines from both famous and unknown places. We do, naturally, offer wine from France, Italy, Spain, USA and Australia, but we also have wines from Armenia, Greece, Germany and Austria on our wine menu - just to mention a couple of places. Take a tour in our wine cellar and experience the diversity yourself.

Why do we care about wine?

At Nymindegab Kro, we are proud of our restaurant and its gastronomic options. The food is what makes a stay here special - and good food should come with good wine.

We are delighted to present one of the largest and finest selections of wines in Western Jutland, all at your disposal. With more than 400 different wines, we guarantee that you find something for you evening. Our enthusiastic staff will answer all of your questions regarding your wine of choice, and we will gladly recommend a wine for the specific dish you have ordered.

Does you stay depend on a certain wine being available? Message us at admin@nymindegabkro.dk or call us on +45 7528 9211 and express your wishes.