Restaurant in Western Jutland - a gastronomic playground

To us, food is the most important part of your stay at Nymindegab Kro. Our restaurant offers uniquely composed dishes each season, giving you the best of Denmark and Western Jutland in particular. Most of our accommodation options include a multi-course dinner because we want to show you what we are capable of in a kitchen.

Any questions regarding our menu? Message us at or call us on +45 7528 9211.

Specialised in Danish delicacies

Whether you want starters, main dishes, cheese or dessert, Nymindegab Kro Restaurant in Western Jutland offers some of Denmark’s finest ingredients. Our current dishes have been uniquely selected and designed to give you a piece of the area nearby.

As we are close the water, fresh fish is undeniably what draws a lot of people to our restaurant. It’s easy to put a steak on a pan - but cooking fish requires finesse, elegance and a whole lot of experience. Our staff has been using fish in a various number of different dishes over the years, and we will gladly show you the results of that irreplaceable experience.

Western Jutland restaurant in a picturesque area

But people don’t just visit us to enjoy the food. They come to feel the rural hills, the deafening tranquillity and the tides hitting the shore. Visiting Nymindegab Kro is more than just fulfilling the basics needs of food and accommodation - people come here to achieve self-realisation, breaking away from the daily stress.

Sleeping well and eating good food is nice, but sleeping well and eating good food in stunning surroundings becomes an experience for a lifetime. At Nymindegab Kro, we want to give you that experience.

Drinks and wine

At your disposal, you have one of Western Jutland’s finest selections of wine. We offer more than 400 different wines from all over the world, specifically chosen from our partners. Click here to learn more about our wine.

Every evening from 17-18 we open the bar for our Cosy Hour where our prices are cut in half. Settle in and start the evening with a Sherry Cocktail, Sparkling Passion or a special brew of your choice.

Take-away restaurant food

Hosting a dinner party close by? We offer take-away food solutions made in our restaurant. Message us at or call us on +45 7528 9211 if you want to know more about your options for take-away restaurant food in Western Jutland.